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The world today is demanding – of our time, our attention and our resources. Keeping up with multiple demands can be physically exhausting, even debilitating. It can make you sick … very sick.

Letting Go – How to Survive Life
is Marty Doyle’s story.

$5 from the sale of each book going to Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation for research into Head and Neck Cancer
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Letting Go is Marty Doyle’s story.

The world today is demanding – of our time, our attention and our resources. Keeping up with multiple demands can be physically exhausting, even debilitating. It can make you sick … very sick.

Your life can change in one unforgettable moment. One moment you’re on top of your game and seconds later everything you thought you knew comes crashing down around you.

From that moment on your story has completely changed.

It began with a mild swelling in his neck, followed by four months of not knowing what was causing the swelling or what it meant. Doctors were finally able to tell Marty it was cancer … but they didn’t know where the cancer was located.

Marty’s thoughts were confused. Could this really be happening?

What could he do? What could he say? How could he manage the fear, anger, frustration and helplessness he felt? How could he make decisions about the treatments that could almost kill him, just to make him better?

With dignity, clarity, breathtaking vulnerability and honesty, Marty relates how he dealt with the rollercoaster ride that is cancer, the physical effects of the treatment, and, more importantly, how he let this ‘metaphysical cosmic 4 x 2’ change his life forever.

For Marty, his illness was a gift. It awakened in him the courage to live life, and the opportunity to learn his greatest lesson: let go and know that everything is going to be okay.

Marty’s story is an inspiration to all those who share his very personal journey.

Praise For “Letting Go”

Great book, wonderful story and some fabulous takeaways for everyone

who picks it up. Marty has written a book that touches your life in

such a way that it stops you in your tracks and makes you think about

what is really important in your life. It is a heartfelt story of triumph

over despair and what having the right attitude in your life can really

do when you put it to the test!

—Keith Abraham, Certified Speaking Professional

Marty Doyle gives a personal and detailed account of his soul

searching expedition. His story is filled with inspiration and

affirmation that leaves the reader humbled, yet optimistic. Doyle’s

perseverance in maintaining a positive attitude throughout his

diagnosis, treatment and subsequent remission is motivational and his

honesty is resonating.

—Dot Whittington, The Weekender, Brisbane

I picked up Marty’s book on the weekend with the intention of

enjoying a nice relaxing read. What I encountered instead was a

deeply engaging life story which compelled my attention from cover

to cover. I even read it twice as I enjoyed it so much! Marty reveals

the rich tapestry of the emotional highs and lows which makes up a

cancer survival story. I was truly inspired by his journey and know that

what he authentically shares will assist many others who seek freedom

from themselves and dis-ease.

—Josephine Thomson, Certified Performance Coach, Trainer,

Speaker and fellow cancer survivor

Marty Doyle’s story serves as an inspiration to us all…From the first

chapter of this book, you will find yourself drawn to this man…stay

with him as he travels the road with the good, the bad and the ugly

treatments and feelings along the way, keeping him honest but still

alive. This is a confronting book but one told with great humour and

shared thoughts of a private hell.

—John Morrow’s Pick of the Week

This is one man’s journey through the black door of cancer – and

coming out again to tell his story and inspire others to face the battle,

and their families and friends to recognise the pain…Mr Doyle

not only bares his soul, he gives the reader much insight, much

information, much hope and much knowledge to go forth and deal

with the Big C if it affects themselves or a loved one. This is a brave


—Wendy O’Hanlon, Acres Australia

Wow, I loved it! It’s a great read, it has humour and it’s so honest and

open. I think anyone could read this book and be inspired by it.

—Terri Cooper, Business To Business Networking Events

Marty’s book is an inspiration; his authentic self-expression is candid

and matter-of-fact. He demonstrates how by letting go and sharing our

innermost thoughts we can move past our greatest fears, doubts and

pain. Make no mistake, this is not a book about cancer survival, it’s a

book about reclaiming your power, integrity and authenticity.

—Lynette L Palmen AM, Founder and Managing Director,

Women’s Network Australia



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